MPRC is going to Sleep for the Summer

19 June 2013

With the closing of Melange Magique, the MPRC is going to sleep for the summer. The Board will reconvene in September and make a more official statement about the future of the MPRC at that time.

In the meantime, the MPRC wishes to thank everyone for their continued support over the past 13 years. The MPRC also wishes to thank Melange Magique for their generosity without which the MPRC could not have existed in the first place or for as long as it did.

Have a good summer everyone. Let’s touch base again in the Fall.

Melange Magique is Closing

14 June 2013

A message from the owners of Melange Magique:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must break this news to you all. In April 2011, Debra had grown tired of the challenge of running the store after almost 20 years. She wanted to be with her family. She offered me (Scarlet) the opportunity to buy it and continue it. Teacher and community leader, I thought I could manage this.

Sadly, I have learned very hard that I cannot. The economic crash of the last 12-16 months has forced many of the businesses around us to close their doors. We hoped to be able to weather the financial drought. This weekend may well be our last weekend. I have wept hard about this as my heart and soul has been poured into this for all of you.

Please come in through the weekend to say hello, hug staff, and say goodby to the location that has been a hub for 22 years. All sales through the weekend are 20% off and NO TAX Starting at 6pm this evening. Everything must go. We weep heavy tears.

The Public Summer Solstice ritual will still go on at the shop on Sunday at 3pm. Please come share this moment with us.

We will keep you posted if any other community related organization for pagans opens up in the future.

We thank you all for the support you have given us all these years and were greatly honored to serve you as best we could in the time we had.


Of course, the MPRC is directly impacted by this situation, but the Board will need to meet and discuss the situation. The MPRC is committed to serving the community’s needs as best as it can. We will keep you posted as best as we can.

The Year in Review

20 February 2013

Greetings, everyone!

This is Ryan, the MPRC president.

I’m writing this message to you as I sit back and realize that I have been president for one year now! As I reflect back on what’s taken place this year at the MPRC, I’m really quite proud. It’s been nerve-racking and exciting, and a really phenomenal experience for me as I have never done anything like this before!

Last year at Imbolc, 2012, the MPRC was approached by a staff member at Melange Magique. They had asked to see if we would be interested in organizing a labyrinth of lights as a special event; their mother was visiting from the US, and she wanted very much to invite her mother to a special Pagan experience. We excitedly agreed, and decided to make it a public event for Imbolc.

Given that Imbolc isn’t one of the more “exciting” holidays, and our short notice (I think it was about 9 days), we planned a brief 2 hour duration for the labyrinth and invited the public to come and walk the path of lights with us. It was an excellent event for me to “cut my teeth on” as they say; there was no ‘ritual’ to plan, and it was an introspective experience that worked around solitude and reflection. I was off the hook planning-wise and got to meet more of the community (some of whom I’d met at previous events, as I was a volunteer for some time prior).

Well, if any of you attended that Imbolc event, you can remember how I was not off the hook at all! Our small, last minute event drew in far more people than we had ever expected, and I spent the whole 2 hours running back and forth, offering people tea, helping inquiring students, introducing myself, and trying to keep myself from buckling under the pressure of “Hey, I’m the new president!”

It was a bit of a sink-or-swim moment for me, and as I doggie paddled onto the other side of that river, I came out frazzled and energized and ready to do more exciting, new things for the MPRC!

Shortly after we had a small and cozy Ostara event with some friendly faces and some excellent food! What was special about this event is that it was organized by two community members! Many people do no know this, but the MPRC actually has a ‘grant submission process’ for community members who would like to host Pagan-related events, or workshops! These two community members wrote, decorated for, and lead the Ostara ritual (their first attempt at public ritual!) and did a phenomenal job! We’d love to see more community members bring in new ideas, not only for Sabbat rituals, but also for Pagan rituals devoted to particular paths (Kemetic, Hellenic, Druidic, etc.) to expose us to your areas of expertise, and also for Pagan-related events or workshops! The MPRC is a community hub that wants to support these kinds of interactions; socially and monetarily! A good example of a community suggested event is our Pagan Art Show!

During the summer months, the MPRC is usually pretty quiet. People are away on vacation, getting housework done, or attending festivals of all different stripes. While MPRC events were fewer during the summer, our board was still out and about mingling in the community: Kaleidoscope Gathering saw all of us networking and inviting people from across the country to come visit us or involve us in their works!

After returning from our summer treks and events, we started preparing for our biggest annual event: the Samhain Witches’ Ball.

Now, sadly, this look back on the year has to hit a bit of a bum-note.

Despite a lot of hard work and energy on our part; despite some favours called in; despite calling on stand-bys and fresh faces alike…well, the Samhain ball was a bust. It is the egg on our face for the year 2012. Due to several complications that occurred with our venue choices, we were left with a space that was less than inspirational. Loose ends came back to bite us, and our ritual was less than stellar. And, given the lack-luster feelings people had about the ritual, the ball itself was a bit of a flop as well.

We received some feedback from the community, and while some people were doing their best to be supportive of the group and our efforts, the consensus was that the Samhain ritual and the ball were not even remotely up to the standards we usually set for ourselves for this particular event. We tarnished our reputation, and let a lot of people down. We know this, and we sadly accept it. As president, even I was pretty crestfallen and so I won’t try to spin this, or pass it off as inconsequential. I accept, and the board of the MPRC accepts, the critique and the honest reviews that we received regarding this event.

We are so sorry.

There isn’t much that can be said on the matter that doesn’t boil down to “We are so sorry.”

With that in mind, we did our best to dust ourselves off and try to regain the trust and excitement that we so value in our community. Yule was coming up, and that meant our annual Yule Fair hosted in partnership with Melange Magique!

This was another exciting time for me as President because the style of the fair allowed me to meet and talk with many of our community members in a way that is impossible at a ritual. Before the fair proper, I was able to accompany Melange Magique to a craftshow at Concordia University; we shared a table, representing the Pagan and witchcraft communities here in Montreal and tried to drum up interest in our Yule Fair and annual ritual! It was a great day and really got me back into the headspace of energy and positivity that was necessary to pull off the fair!

The fair itself, as I mentioned, was fantastic for me as an opportunity to sit down with some of our community members and talk face to face. But what was really exciting was our BIG move! In the more recent past, the MPRC has been generously offered a space at the back of Melange Magique for our read-in library and physical resource centre. After some discussions with the owners at Melange Magique, we got to experience a bit of a “coming home”. You see, long before the MPRC occupied the space at the back of Melange Magique, we actually had a community lounge space for people to read books, drink some tea, and discuss, all up at the front of the store by the windows! Well, at the Yule Fair 2012, we were gifted back our old home at the front of the store, wich gave us considerably more space! Our lounge space is being built again, and in the coming months we will be creating a beautiful new public altar space for those who need a moment of devotion or meditation!

This brings us round, round, round back to Imbolc!

My one year anniversary as president!

We decided that last year the community really responded well to our labyrinth of lights (even if I was running around with steam shooting out of my ears), and that it would bear repeating! Learning from last year we made sure to adapt the event so that people weren’t lined up out the door; we made the event 6 hours long, with a different style of labyrinth to allow for easier and faster passage, and incorporated a “gift-exchange” of sorts in order to foster some good will and prosperity in our community!

It was amazing! People were glowing with positive energy, and I was floored by the overwhelmingly supportive responses from the community! We had students from a diversity of programs and schools come to experience the labyrinth for assignments; we had a local webTV show interview us; we had old and new faces alike join us for the event. It was a beautiful thing, if I do say so myself.

We’re also very excited about new things coming up in the near future!

As mentioned, our space is evolving and soon our public altar space and lounge area will be completed. We’ve also upgraded our website to include a public forum for people to discuss Paganism, witchcraft, spirituality, ritual, etc., as well as look for new group members, or find people looking for groups! We’ve also begun to rework our Pagan Discussion nights, as well as Pagan Sunday Brunches, and we have some fun events planned for moots and Bingo/Event nights!

It’s been quite an experience, this first year of being president at the MPRC, one that I have enjoyed immensely and hope to repeat (of course, having learned some lessons for this year). With that said, I would like to inform everyone in our community that the MPRC board is entering its annual elections! That means that anyone who wishes to help as part of the board is welcome to enter their candidacy.

The public board meeting where we will be collecting nominations will be held February 28th, 2013. The meeting will be held at Melange Magique (1928 St. Catherine West, Montreal, Québec, Canada H3H-1M4) from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Nominations can initially be sent electronically, but for them to be valid they must be made in-person at the public meeting. This means you can tell us through e-mail “I’d like to be included in the nominations for position X”, but unless there is a human being (yourself or a proxy) at the meeting that informs us “This person is submitting their candidacy for position X”, your nomination will not be valid.

Let me repeat that: in order for a nomination to the MPRC board to be considered valid, a human being must be present at 1928 St. Catherine West, Montreal, Québec, Canada H3H-1M4, between 7:00pm and 9:00pm on February 28th, 2013 to present the nomination.

All nominations must be made with the knowledge and consent of the nominee.

Nominations will be collected, and an online voting system will be used to determine the election or re-election of all positions.

The following are the board positions and who they are currently held by, though all positions are open to re-election or replacement depending on the votes won:

  • President (Currently Ryan S.)
  • Vice President (Currently John M.)
  • Secretary (Currently Luna G.)
  • Treasurer (Currently Luna G., interim position)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (Currently Kevin C.)
  • Event Coordinator (Currently J.D. Hobbes)
  • Head Librarian (Currently John M.)
  • Public Relations Rep. (Currently J.D. Hobbes)

Any feedback you, the community, have is always appreciated. We are here to represent you, but also to serve you; we need to know how to best do those things! Contact us by Facebook, e-mail, or through our new MPRC forums!

Thank you all a million times over for a phenomenal year and we hope to see you all at our upcoming events!

-Ryan Sauve,
MPRC president

Stepping down as MPRC President

1 February 2012

In keeping with the theme of the End of Things in 2012, as of February, I am officially stepping down as President of the Montreal Pagan Resource Centre after six years of service.

I know it’s a bit cliché to say, but this really was not an easy decision to make. There was strong resistance at first, borne of pride and no small part of stubbornness (comes with the territory or being Taurus, I’m told), but after taking into consideration certain events and (I hesitate to say it) omens, I had to admit it was the perfect time to step away and let a new person take the reigns.

I’m proud to say that the MPRC has been at the forefront of many events and initiatives in the pagan community in the past 10 years (already!). We’ve helped organize rituals, Sabbat Events (like the Witches Ball), conferences, workshops, and many invited speakers  to visit our fair city. We’ve even been able to help promote the idea of a Pagan Resource Centre in other communities, inspiring them to rise to the challenges in their own regions. It’s been an honor and a privilege to work with all these volunteers to take those dreams from the ether and make them into realities that many were able to experience and grow from.

But what the MPRC needs now is new blood, and we’re lucky to have a few new people in our ranks already lending us their new ideas, passion, and commitment to providing guidance and information for not only our pagan community, but the pagan-curious in our city. Even as we speak, the MPRC Board is voting in new people into the various Board positions and roles to ensure that the MPRC continues to move forward. Whoever manages to win the presidency of the MPRC has my full support and encouragement.

Of course, I will continue to help the MPRC as best as I can. There are more events in the works and we hope that our community will continue to support us in those endeavors, which in turn, helps build a stronger community.

Investing in that strong community was always something that I strove to achieve in my time as President. I still believe strongly that it is important to provide information and opportunities to our fellow pagans so that we all can learn, experience, and grow. You can only learn so much about your own spirituality from a book or the Internet, but the real knowledge lies in building relationship with your friends, family,  community, and the Gods, and until you get out of that chair and go out there to discover this with all of your senses, you are really missing out on the full range of what this world has to offer. Don’t wait until you’re ready to take a risk.

If you have not visited the MPRC or attended an MPRC event yet, I encourage you to do so! The MPRC is always looking for new volunteers to help out, even on a part-time and on-call basis, so if you have some time to invest in our community, I encourage you to do so.

As for me, I’ll still be kicking around and doing what I can to contribute to building our community, both locally and abroad. I hope to see you there. May the Gods continue to bless your path.


Pagan Discussion Nights on Hold

5 January 2012

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope that you had a joyous, restful, and safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you in 2012!

We’ve had a few changes happen at the MPRC, one of which is that we have lost our moderator for the Pagan Discussion Nights. Therefore, until further notice, the Pagan Discussion Nights  have been suspended until we can get them going again.

Our sincere thanks to Luna G. and Selena L. for their help in running the Discussion Nights so far. We’ve had some great discussions and debates over the last couple of years.

When we get this event going again, we will announce it on this website. Stay tuned!

Witchcraft Ritual filmed by ABC News

11 December 2011

American television station ABC News does a piece of Paganism and reports that Britain has officially recognized it as a religion. Interesting

A message from a local Pagan artist…

31 May 2011

Hello everyone,

My name is Sandy but I am also known as Plume. I am a self-taught artist and I
have been painting for 10 years.

I am launching my new bilingual website and I would
like to invite you to have a look at my artwork. :) All comments are welcome.

Sandy ‘Plume’ Durand

Video about Religious Intolerance

30 May 2011

Thanks be to Gus DiZerega for posting this video about religious intolerance and how to deal with it effectively. This video promo and its project really needs to go viral. It looks ugly at first, but give it time. It goes to a beautiful place.

Not Welcome video trailer

Thanks be to Gus DiZerega for posting this video that really needs to go viral. It looks ugly at first, but give it time. It goes to a beautiful place.

No Discussion Night in January 2011

4 January 2011

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and a Happy Yule to you all. We hope you had a memorable, safe, and happy holiday and you’re all ready to take part in our community events for 2011!

This is just to remind you that, although there is no discussion night in January, we are already planning the discussion nights for the rest of the year, the next one being on February 3rd 2011.

We look forward to seeing you at all of our events, and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Metal and Magic (Helmut’s Forge) Workshop

29 October 2010

If you have not been watching the Melange Magique Blog or its newsletters, then you missed this exciting bit of news!

Helmut will be in Montreal this Saturday. He will bring horns and blades and leather journals to sell.
AND! And he will be giving a workshop.

Metal and Magic (Helmut)

Thirty years of making ritual tools, research and experimentation have taught me that when it comes to metal, magic follows a predictable pattern of behaviour linked to its physical state. In this workshop, I will describe these properties and how they affect the ritual and magical use of metal for today’s practitioners.
Helmut started blacksmithing forty years ago, and this year celebrates his thirtieth year of making metal work for the pagan community.
Saturday October 30th 2-4pm $40

See you all there for this amazing and rare opportunity! Contact Le Melange Magique for more information about this workshop.

Correction and Apologies

26 October 2010

I just put up a post that stated that the Witches Masquerade Ball was strictly 18 years and older, which upset quite a few people. Let me explain.

Because I believe Sala Rossa was a bar, I thought that people under 18 would not be allowed. I just called Sala Rossa and they told me that they are technically a social club, so people under 18 are allowed, but they cannot be served alcohol.

Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult for both the ritual and the party afterwards.

Please accept my apologies for the error and I hope you can all still attend our event

Gaia’s Bardic a Success!

25 October 2010

This past Saturday night, Atwater Library was host to an evening of music, storytelling, and more than a few surprises! If you missed it, you really denied yourself a rare treat. You shouldn’t deny yourself such pleasures… you deserve better!

We had over 50 people in the audience that night, and thanks to their generosity and mathematical formulas that I’ve never been very good at, we raised over $600 for the Gaia Gathering conference. Amazing!

As with all pagan events, we started the evening about 15 minutes late (logistics and waiting for certain people), but once we got going, we found it difficult to stop! The evening’s entertainment included:

All the performances were amazing and the audience were very appreciative and responsive.

As for surprises, well here’s one that caught everyone by surprise. One of the performers couldn’t make it that night, so when we were approached by Kanaska offering to sing a couple of songs, we found room in the evening for her.

She. was. amazing. The beautiful passion and raw power that came from this woman and her guitar floored the room. After each song, the audience went crazy with applause and cheers. She added something to that evening that we were hoping for, but not to that degree: magic.

From that evening, we already have 4 people signed up for the conference and many more people interested in finding out more about it. It was a great kick-off event to lead into and help promote the Montreal edition of Gaia Gathering.

A few people recorded the evening with their cameras and have posted them on YouTube:

The next big event for Gaia Gathering is the Service/Product auction to take place the first weekend of December. Stay tuned for more information about it!

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