One Week to Go Until Yule 2012!

25 November 2012

We hope to see you all at the Montreal Yule Fair (Facebook event), which is taking place December 1st and 2nd. There will be workshops, presentations, and this year, the feature guest is Helmut of Helmut’s Forge, who will be giving a lecture on Metal Magick.

Montreal Yule Fair 2012
1928 Ste. Catherine Street West
December 1st – 2nd

The MPRC is proud to welcome you all to the Pagan Sunday Brunch (Facebook event) which will take place at Tutti Fruitti at 9:30am on Sunday. The MPRC will also be holding an open discussion on the needs of the Pagan community.

Pagan Sunday Brunch
Resto Tutti Fruitti
4024A Ste-Catherine West

Hobbes is once again presiding over the annual Yule Ritual (Facebook event), which takes place on Sunday night at Melange Magique. To take part in this ritual, make sure you bring a flat bottomed candle that can sit stable on the floor.

Yule Ritual 2012
Sunday, 7pm
1928 Ste. Catherine Street West

We are also accepting non-perishable food items that are being collected by the fine folks at The Sacred Cauldron. You can even pick some up from the Provigo across the street and drop them off in the Yule Basket!

Introduction to The Pentacles

20 March 2012

Exploring the Pentacles
Thu, March 29, 18:30 – 20:30
Le Mélange Magique, $30
1928 Ste-Catherine West, H3H 1M4

The pentacle is a powerful symbol in many witchcraft traditions. In some, the pentacle is a way to understand the universe, ourselves, and our communities; and ultimately a gateway to alignment and Mystery. This workshop is an introduction to the element, iron and pearl pentacles that come to us from traditions associated with Anderson Feri, and most accessibly through its offshoot Reclaiming tradition. It is an introductory talk about these pentacles, including resources for where to find more information. We will not be working directly with these pentacles in the class.

Register directly with Le Mélange Magique

Permaculture Design course given by Starhawk

7 June 2011

EAT at HeartRoot Farm, Quebec:
June 25-July 9, 2011

EAT: 2-week intensive residential, Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course being co-taught by Starhawk and Charles Williams.
This two-week residential intensive at Heartroot Farm offers a broad-brush overview of the regenerative design principles of permaculture. From inoculating mushrooms and digging swales to building with natural materials and sheet mulching the land, students have ample opportunity to experience these principles firsthand.

Read more about this course at the Earth Activist Training website.

Workshop Day at Avalon Centre: Proceeds to Gaia Gathering

4 February 2011

Avalon Centre in Dorval (1564 Chemin Herron, suite 207) has just doubled their space at Avalon and will be holding an Open House and workshop day on Saturday Feb. 5th from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 pm. Come and attend a workshop, purchase a delicious home-cooked lunch, or tempt yourself with some treats baked by one of the Crafty Witches at the bake table.

All are welcome to come and visit. (Avalon Centre is only one quick bus ride from Lionel Groulx metro.) Why not spend the day hanging out and enjoying the company? We hope to see you all there! Proceeds from the day are going to Gaia Gathering. We will also have a registration and information table at the event.

Here is the schedule. All workshops are $20 or 3 for $50. Please RSVP as soon as you can to reserve your place as space is limited. Reservations can be made through the Avalon Centre website.

9 am to 10 am Stick Fighting for beginners with Pierre
Pierre has a 9th degree black belt in Ninjutsu and he will be sharing basic skills on how anyone can use a short staff (3 feet) as a weapon of self-defense.

10: 15 am to 11:15 Reflexology with Andrea
Andrea is a certified practicing Reflexologist. Reflexology is a type of foot massage that stimulates all the meridians and organs of the body to promote relaxation and self-healing. Come and learn the basics in this mini workshop.

11:30 to 12:30 Self Massage with Lotus
Ever wanted to get a massage but were not able to afford to go or didn’t have the time? Self-massage is the perfect answer. Lotus is a certified Massotherapist and she will teach self-massage techniques that will help you to help yourself. Lots of practice time and coaching. Any one who has stress should attend!

1:15 to 2:15 Tuning Forks and Sound therapy with Machuana
This innovative therapy can cause vibrational healing and cleansing of the aura leading to a feeling of well being and release. Very important for cleansing unwanted or negative energy from the aura, body and mind. Come and experience this treatment for yourself. Lecture and session by a trained therapist.

2:30 to 3:30 Stone Wrapping/Jewelry making with John
Ever wondered what to do with all those beautiful loose stones that you bought at the gem show? John will show us ways of wrapping them with different kinds of wires to make beautiful jewellry. Bring your own stones.

3:30 to 4:30 Drumming workshop with Alex N.
Alex will share with us some simple and complex drum beats that will stimulate any party or circle! Please bring your own drum if you have one. We will have some extra as well.

Big Weekend for Pagan Events

30 November 2010

This weekend is huge for events going on in the Montreal pagan community. Make sure you don’t miss any of it!

Thursday, 6:45pm: Pagan Discussion — Crossing the Veils (without dying)
Why do some people try to cross the veil of reality? What do they hope to learn? What are some of the techniques? What are the dangers? Join us for this discussion!
MPRC page, Facebook page

Friday – Sunday: Montreal Yule Fair
The annual Montreal Yule Fair features vendors, workshops, lectures, and more! Special guest speakers include Brendan Myers, Christopher Penczak, Judika Illes, and Ellen Dugan.
Facebook page, Yule Fair page, MPRC page

Saturday night, 7:30pm: Service/Product Auction Gaia Fundraiser
This unique fund-raising event gives you the opportunity to connect directly with artists and other resourceful people. They have generously offered their work, their time, and their services, putting them up for the highest bidder.
Facebook page, MPRC page

Sunday morning, 10am: Pagan Sunday Brunch
To coincide with the Yule Fair, the Pagan Sunday Brunch has moved to the first Sunday or December. Come join us for breakfast and socializing with local pagans and those who are visiting us for the Fair!
Facebook page, MPRC page

Sunday evening, 6:30pm: Public Yule Ritual
Join us as we celebrate the birth of the Sun God and light our candles in his honor. Led by Hobbes of the MPRC. Make sure you bring a tapered candle that can be added to the Yule Log.

Time    Sunday, December 5 · 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location    Le Melange Magique (3rd floor)
1928 Ste. Catherine street West, Montreal, QC

Facebook page

Yule Fair Workshop: Psychic Vampire Survival Guide

22 November 2010

Saturday December 4th
1 – 3 pm (tentative time)
$40 (you must pre-register)

Award winning author Ellen Dugan ( takes a down-to-earth approach in dealing with psychic vampires. Topics discussed in this lecture include; Psychic self-defense, and knowing the true difference between emotional vampires and intentional and unintentional psychic vampires. In the lecture, you will learn how to develop street smarts against these individuals, and how to create a psychic vampire defense kit (No pointy wooden stakes necessary.)

Get ready to enjoy yourself, to laugh and to learn some handy practical protection magick. This is Ellen Dugan’s first visit to Canada ever, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet her!

To purchase tickets, visit the Magical Blend website and pay via Paypal or a credit card.

You can also call or visit The Magical Blend at (514) 938-1458 between 11 am and 5 pm Eastern Time to charge by phone.

Spaces are limited for this workshop and preregistration is required. Don’t miss your chance to take this fantastic workshop!

Metal and Magic (Helmut’s Forge) Workshop

29 October 2010

If you have not been watching the Melange Magique Blog or its newsletters, then you missed this exciting bit of news!

Helmut will be in Montreal this Saturday. He will bring horns and blades and leather journals to sell.
AND! And he will be giving a workshop.

Metal and Magic (Helmut)

Thirty years of making ritual tools, research and experimentation have taught me that when it comes to metal, magic follows a predictable pattern of behaviour linked to its physical state. In this workshop, I will describe these properties and how they affect the ritual and magical use of metal for today’s practitioners.
Helmut started blacksmithing forty years ago, and this year celebrates his thirtieth year of making metal work for the pagan community.
Saturday October 30th 2-4pm $40

See you all there for this amazing and rare opportunity! Contact Le Melange Magique for more information about this workshop.

Update: Red Spiral Women’s Retreat

10 May 2010

Hello everyone,

Registration is now officially open at the website

Also, if you need or can provide a ride to women attending the Retreat, there is now a discussion page available to connect with one another.

Previous Post:

I’m sharing with you a public event for women from July 9th-July 11th 2010. It’s highly pagan oriented but not exclusive, so all women are welcomed.

Here’s a copy paste from their site:

This event was created by women, for women of all backgrounds, 16 years of age and older. If you have ever thought it would be nice to get away from everything, go camping for a weekend and focus on yourself for a change, then come join us.

The theme for this year is “The Path to a Fulfilling Life”.

The Red Spiral Women’s Retreat will take place at Raven’s Knoll, a campground and event centre located near Eganville, Ontario, Canada. This beautiful, natural 100 acre property is located on the Bonnechere River, near Golden Lake.