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MPRC Pagan Art Show — Income & Expenses

5 May 2010

As you know, the MPRC hosted Montreal’s first Pagan Art Show on the weekend of April 23rd 2010 (you can read more about it here).

In the spirit of transparency, and in case you’re curious to know what it takes to put on an Art Show, here’s a tally of the expenses and incomes from the show.

As you can see, we only lost about $30 on the show, but without some generous donations from Lena and Hobbes, it would’ve been more like a $115 loss. Not bad for a first show: we learned a lot about the process and we’ll do better next year. We’ve already stirred up loads of interest for next year from other Quebec artists, and even more from Ontario!

The MPRC is proud to have been able to offer this kind of event to the Montreal community.