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Stepping down as MPRC President

1 February 2012

In keeping with the theme of the End of Things in 2012, as of February, I am officially stepping down as President of the Montreal Pagan Resource Centre after six years of service.

I know it’s a bit cliché to say, but this really was not an easy decision to make. There was strong resistance at first, borne of pride and no small part of stubbornness (comes with the territory or being Taurus, I’m told), but after taking into consideration certain events and (I hesitate to say it) omens, I had to admit it was the perfect time to step away and let a new person take the reigns.

I’m proud to say that the MPRC has been at the forefront of many events and initiatives in the pagan community in the past 10 years (already!). We’ve helped organize rituals, Sabbat Events (like the Witches Ball), conferences, workshops, and many invited speakers  to visit our fair city. We’ve even been able to help promote the idea of a Pagan Resource Centre in other communities, inspiring them to rise to the challenges in their own regions. It’s been an honor and a privilege to work with all these volunteers to take those dreams from the ether and make them into realities that many were able to experience and grow from.

But what the MPRC needs now is new blood, and we’re lucky to have a few new people in our ranks already lending us their new ideas, passion, and commitment to providing guidance and information for not only our pagan community, but the pagan-curious in our city. Even as we speak, the MPRC Board is voting in new people into the various Board positions and roles to ensure that the MPRC continues to move forward. Whoever manages to win the presidency of the MPRC has my full support and encouragement.

Of course, I will continue to help the MPRC as best as I can. There are more events in the works and we hope that our community will continue to support us in those endeavors, which in turn, helps build a stronger community.

Investing in that strong community was always something that I strove to achieve in my time as President. I still believe strongly that it is important to provide information and opportunities to our fellow pagans so that we all can learn, experience, and grow. You can only learn so much about your own spirituality from a book or the Internet, but the real knowledge lies in building relationship with your friends, family,  community, and the Gods, and until you get out of that chair and go out there to discover this with all of your senses, you are really missing out on the full range of what this world has to offer. Don’t wait until you’re ready to take a risk.

If you have not visited the MPRC or attended an MPRC event yet, I encourage you to do so! The MPRC is always looking for new volunteers to help out, even on a part-time and on-call basis, so if you have some time to invest in our community, I encourage you to do so.

As for me, I’ll still be kicking around and doing what I can to contribute to building our community, both locally and abroad. I hope to see you there. May the Gods continue to bless your path.


The Growing Edge, a film screening with filmmakers Donna Read and Starhawk

9 June 2011

Permaculture: The Growing Edge, a film screening with filmmakers Donna Read and Starhawk.
The Growing Edge explores examples of the immensely creative and regenerative ideas that are inspiring people around the globe. The evening begins with live music, then film showing in English, followed by bilingual discussion with the the filmmakers. Presented by NDG Food Depot marking their 25th anniversary.

Wednesday, June 22
Crowley Arts Centre
5325 Crowley
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Time: 7:00 p.m.
(3 minutes from Vendome metro)

Cost: $20 CND or sliding scale
For more information, email admin[at]depotndg[dot]org
For more information on Starhawk’s schedule, see her website.

Lancement officiel de Les Amis du Champ des Possibles (OBNL) || Official launch of our new non-profit organization Les Amis du Champ des Possibles

25 October 2010

Nous vous invitons tous au lancement officiel de l’organisation à but non-lucratif Les Amis du Champ des Possibles.

Vendredi le 5 novembre 2010 : 17h00 – 20h00.
Café Falco, 5605 DeGaspé #102, Montréal.

En présence de Luc Ferrandez, maire de l’arrondissement Plateau Mont-Royal et de Richard Ryan, conseiller d’arrondissement du district Mile End.

Au programme de la soirée:

•Rencontre avec les membres fondateurs.

•Présentation de tous les documents expliquant le projet: histoires, réflexions et plans d’aménagement, maquettes, cartes, photos.

•Projection de films documentaires: Le jardin Roerich, 2007; Jardiniers clandestins, 2010; A-Z, CDP, 2010.

•Invitation à devenir membre de l’OBNL.

•Vins et bouchées.



You are warmly invited to the official launch of the non-profit organization Les Amis du Champ des Possibles.

Friday November 5, 2010 : 5:00pm – 8:00pm.
Café Falco, 5605 DeGaspé #102, Montréal.

In the presence of Luc Ferrandez, mayor of Plateau Mont-Royal borough and Richard Ryan, Mile End district city councillor.

Included in the evening, along with wine and hors d’oeuvres:

• Meet the founding members.

• Presentation of all documentation explaining the project: history, reflections on development plans, architectural maquettes, maps, photos.

• Documentary film projections: The Roerich Garden, 2007; Jardiniers clandestins, 2010; A-Z, CDP, 2010.

• Invitation to become a member of the non-profit organization.


Re: Isaac Bonewits Memorial

18 August 2010

We are very pleased to announce that we had a little over 20 people at the Isaac Bonewits memorial ritual that was held in Angrignon park tonight and led by Linda Demissy.

Our thanks go to Linda for putting this memorial ritual together so quickly, to Mark and Farrell for helping out with it, and to everyone else who turned up to witness it. There were many touching moments, but also loads of laughter, which was a sure sign that Isaac had turned up to join us (including a boombox that would not shut off and only got louder the more we fiddled with it).

We also raised over $374 dollars which will be donated to Phaedra Bonewits to help with covering her medical bills. Much love and thanks to Mariesol who auctioned off a unique, hand-written collection of pagan chants, songs, and stories, which sold for $120!

We hope Isaac enjoyed our offerings and that they speed him off to the Summerlands in style. Gods bless.

If you wish to donate to the Bonewits family, you can get more information at:

Isaac Bonewits Public Memorial

13 August 2010

In honor of our revered Neo-Pagan Elder Isaac Bonewits (, who passed away on Thorsday, Augustus 12th 2010, we are holding an ADF Druid style memorial rite on Wodensday Augustus 18th in Angrignon Park at 7pm (6:30pm arrival). The ritual will be led by Linda Demissy, former Senior Druid of Silver Fox Grove, ADF.

Everyone is invited to join and make a short bardic offering, sacrifice of a crafted item or food, or retell their encounter with Isaac (even if it’s just by reading one of his books).

ADF rites are basically a “party” where Gods, Ancestors and Nature Spirits are invited and made offering to, through the gates of the triple centre, Fire of the Gods, Well of the Ancestors, and Tree of Life. An omen is then cast to determine how the offerings were received, and if well received, the ritual drink is blessed and shared.

In this case, we will ask for the blessings to go to Isaac. Bridget will be called at the start of the ritual for bardic inspiration, the Dagda at the centre of the rite, and the Morrigan to help carry him with blessings to the Otherworld. These three deities were those he loved best.

We will be passing the hat to help his family pay for his large medical bills, and you may want to bring some coins to drop into the cauldron during the Ancestors offerings. Bring instruments, drums, your voices and food to share.

Isaac Bonewits Public Memorial
Wednesday, August 18th, 7pm
Angrignon Park, Lasalle
Meet at Angrignon metro at 6:30pm
Facebook event page:

If you wish to donate to the Bonewits family, you can get more information at:

Isaac Bonewits 1949-2010

12 August 2010

It is with great sadness that our community mourns the loss of a beloved author and pioneer in the Neo-Pagan movement. On the morning, of August 12, 2010 at approximately 8 AM ET, Isaac Bonewits passed away peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his wife, his brothers and sisters, his family and friends.

Isaac Bonewits was a published author, teacher, and the the founder of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), currently one of the largest Neopagan Druid groups in North America. He was a witty, passionate visionary who encouraged critical thought and magical personal responsibility, giggling all the while.

In 2009, he appeared in Ottawa during a conference called Fire in the Hearth (organized by the Red Maple Grove) and gave one of his last lectures and panel discussions. You can listen to one of those lectures at the Standing Stone & Garden Gate podcast.

Later in 2009, he was diagnosed with cancer, and although initial treatments showed promise, as 2010 progressed, his health deteriorated, although not his spirit! On his Facebook page, he invoked a line that all geeks would recognize: “I’m not dead yet!”

He will be sorely missed by friends and fans all over the world. We wish him safe journey to the Summerlands and know that he will be received warmly by those who have gone before. We also wish to share our deepest sympathies to his wife Phaedra Bonewits and to his son Arthur.

You can read more about his life and accomplishments at the ADF website.

Stay tuned to the MPRC website because a few Montreal groups are preparing a public memorial for Isaac Bonewits to take place (tentatively) on Wednesday August 18th. Check back here for confirmation on that!